100%hardcore is the official shop from gabbers for gabbers!

100% Hardcore

100% Hardcore, Frenchcore and Terror. Here you will find the biggest selection of Hardcore clothing and Gabber clothing like training jackets, training pants, hardcore T-shirts, gabber bomber jackets, caps, banners, fans and lots of more hardcore merchandise!

The brand 100% Hardcore proved itself in the gabberscene throughout the years. On every Gabberparty , you can see a lot of people with a 100% Hardcore outfit. Our 100% hardcore items are from a high quality and are for sale for a very reasonable price. They do have beautiful Hardcore/ gabber prints, or classic pitbull logo’s.
You are able to match our 100% Hardcore items perfectly! Our training jackets match perfectly with our training pants and allover T-shirts. So are our hooded zippers in combination with our nice designed hardcore bomberjacket.
Off course we also have a very nice hardcore women department. Training jackets, hot pants, sport tops and nice gabber T-shirts. You can make a perfect gabber outfit with these women hardcore items. The 100% Hardcore women items are made of a very nice material, this material is perfect to wear on a gabberparty!
Hardcore banners, caps, fans, hipbags with hidden pockets, keychains and a lot of other hardcore merchandise, you will find in our official hardcore shop!
Our hardcore clothing is designed for real die-hard gabber freaks!! Our slogan is: 100% Hardcore, wear it with pride!
Hardcore will never die!